The familiar smells of spices hung in the air as the sounds of laughter and upbeat music played in the background.  Rosie was sitting in between her two cousins who were updating her on the latest chisme in the family.  There were two upcoming marriages in the family and one of her tias had divorced … Continue reading 8

Part 7

Bamboozled. Duped. Hoodwinked. Deceived. Beguiled. Entrapped. Outmaneuvered.Any word she could remember from her fifth grade spelling bee dictionary to describe the trick being played on her in that devastating moment galloped through her mind. Then the scene from Rosemary’s Baby, the one everyone swears revealed the terrifying peepers of the devil child in its crib, lit her … Continue reading Part 7

Part 6

La sangre rojo grotea The red blood drips Mentirosos, tramposos, immundicia Liars, cheaters, filth Maricones Faggots Pudrete en el infierno  Rot in hell Soy la mujer crujiente V Rosie woke up to the obnoxious ringing of her phone.  Or maybe it was her head.  Her head definitely felt like it was ringing.  The combination of … Continue reading Part 6

Walk on Oceans (Part 5)

Rosie rolled her eyes at the stiff sheets on the motel bed. She pressed her palm over the corner of the bed and sighed before tossing her blue bag onto the other end. Lizeth spoiled her with silk sheets and butter soft comforters. When she moved out, she didn’t even leave Rosie the cerulean Charmeuse … Continue reading Walk on Oceans (Part 5)

Part 4

The sky was slowly beginning to darken.  Rosie and the man had started walking in the direction of their vehicles.  She felt the tension release slowly from her shoulders that had been building up.  They had just reached their cars and she gripped her keys in one hand, about to unlock her car.   “Well, … Continue reading Part 4

Walk on Oceans (Part 3)

Rosie clicked Spotify on her phone and pressed her favorite playlist. She grinned as soon as Janelle Monáe began singing through her speakers. She couldn’t have chosen a better time to get out of town. She’d rather sit and pout with her arms crossed surrounded by nosy family than be miserable at home alone. Lizeth … Continue reading Walk on Oceans (Part 3)

Walk on Oceans (Part 2)

Rosie was coming up on a red light and came to a full stop. A young woman with long dark waves was in the crosswalk, making her way across the street. She was wearing a black fitted t-shirt with the word “Feminista” splashed across the front, in bold white letters. The woman was now crossing … Continue reading Walk on Oceans (Part 2)

Walk on Oceans (Part 1)

Wash away your shameDon’t be scared of your emotionCreate your destinyTopple mountains; walk on oceansLife can be the seed that yourWildest dreams can grow fromSo fuck a fantasy and chaseYour motherfuckin moment. The glow from the sun through the trees on that long stretch of road would have been a perfect inspiration for Rosie’s next … Continue reading Walk on Oceans (Part 1)

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